Rachel Ott

The great thing about being a ‘one woman' show is that I really get to know my clients and understand their needs. What would be small potatoes to the big guys–is often my bread and butter, so I work hard to treat them right.  Here are a few kind words from some of them...

“Rachel is great - a true professional - easy to work, honest and reliable. A real jem!!!”

Susan Boudreau, President - Graphic Assistants

“Rachel Ott produces beautiful and crisp designs which will complement any communication and marketing campaigns. I can always count on Rachel to deliver high quality product in a very timely manner. She can take on a project at any stage and bring it to success.”

Katherine Rogalska, Elizabeth Fry Society.

“First of all Rachel Ott is charming. Then add talent, professionalism and an ability to push back in a way that reminds you what you're paying for - guidance and expertise.”

Bodine Williams

“I have hired Rachel Ott of Varga Girl a number of times for graphic design work for our conferences and she always does a great job for my clients. I highly recommend her.”

Karen Elliott, Proplanners

“Rachel has excellent communication skills, reliable & computer literate. She can work independently of others and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is very quick to assist in other areas of company operations, as well. Rachel would be a tremendous asset for any company and has my highest recommendation.”

Penny Hipolito, The Brainstorm Group